I’ve been twittering for about a fortnight. Like every micro-world it takes a while to acclimatise. But this week I think I’ve found my voice. What are the characteristics of this? Well I’ve developed a raft of new skills:

• I can now follow more than one conversation at once
• I can also follow one conversation thread in the wrong order and across many hours
• I can send a tweet to a complete stranger without fearing that they will ignore me
• I can cope with the fact that when I tweet a complete stranger, they sometimes ignore me.

I’ve made contact with some colleagues I may never have met and with a raft of other great people from all round the world. I never expected to follow or, more excitedly, be followed by the Stephen Fry.

But most of all, I’ve made friends with a crowd of folks I’ve never met. People who’ve already helped me out with info and ideas. People who could live anywhere, do anything for a living (although most are social media junkies) and haven’t got a clue what I look like. People who I’m drawn to by what they tweet and vice versa.

It feels like a thoroughly pure way of making friends – just hope they don’t all click “block” once they’ve met the me!