I Twitter, I meet people. I meet people, I join networks. I join networks, I discover ning. I discover ning and before I know it I’m offering to create one, in a national meeting.

OMG says I, I know not what I’ve done.

Ah well, it can’t be too hard and besides, I know one of my new Twitter chums will help. So what do I do? Contact him, talk it through, work on it together? No, of course not, I dive right in… and 5 minutes later, I have a network.

Yes, 5 minutes.

It looks great. http://multimillions.ning.com/ My colleagues can blog, chat, put up photos and images, create groups and all sorts.

I’ve sent a message out on Facebook to some of my friends who were then when I volunteered to do this hard thing. I’ve asked them to join (still waiting?!?!)

I’ve told my new Twitter friends, who have been delightfully supportive of this simple effort.
and all from the comfort of my own living room while my daughter sleeps and hubby works late. Who needs a night out, I haven’t felt this much flow in years.

What can I do next?