I’m in the very fortunate position of taking part in a pilot for iPhones at work.  I’m required to give feedback and want it to be constructive.  For this to work best, I need to record what I find as I find it.

So what have I found.  Well day 1, here goes:

On the +ve

  • It’s feels like such a treat to have one.
  • It’s beautiful: packaging and machine
  • It’s easy to use, it just makes sense
  • It was sooooo easy to set up the wifi connection at home
  • I’ve added a couple of apps very easily (facebook and twitterfon)

On the -ve

  • I couldn’t find the instructions in the beautiful packaging.  Of course they were there, but hidden away.
  • On the keyboad, there is no ctrl function.  Maybe it’s different in apple land, but I want Ctrl c, x and v!
  • The phone didn’t appear to work (which is ironic at the least) – I updating the firmware and now it’s ok.
  • My email wouldn’t send and ditto
  • The screen gets really quite mucky and I don’t want to carry a cleaning cloth with me.
  • It took me a while to get itunes working with it – not sure how to use the cloud thingy

There we go, I’ve used it for one evening and already uploaded photos, downloaded 2 apps and got to grips, somewhat, with safari.

So, despite my -ve list being longer, I am liking it.  I will write more when I’ve done more with it.  Am, of course, delighted to get any top tips from experienced users…