I’ve been tweeting and blogging for a few months now.  As Christmas holidays approach it seems like a good time to reflect on that.

So, some numbers, as of Thursday 18 December [anyone who reads my tweets or knows me at all, will know I’m comfy with numbers].

On Twitter:

  • 131 people have decided to follow me on Twitter
  • I’ve posted 1,244 updates since I joined in September 2008.
  • most, 272, of these have been on Wednesdays
  • I’ve sent over 300 of my replies directly to only 2 people!
  • My most active hour is after 11pm.
Thanks to http://tweetstats.com for most of these stats…

On my Blog site:

I’ve also joined 1 Ning and set up two others.  Interestingly none of these particularly feature in my everyday life.  Conversely I have been suffering something of a Twitter addiction and do keep on top of my blogging. 

From Twitter I have learnt loads and met so many new people.  It was only because of a desire to meet new friends made online that I attended the December Birmingham Bloggers meet at our Frankfurt Christmas Market earlier this month.

One of the features I’ve noticed about this new world is that many things happen just because some folks are interested enough to make it happen and not expect everyone else to do it for them.   There is a high sense of achievement.  I’m not sure if that is just amongst the people I’ve decided to follow or twitter-land in general.

Another is that professionals and amateurs rub along together very well.  So, many of my followers(ings) make a living from the internet and social media one way or another, whilst the rest are keen amateurs or just like to commune.  I’m not sure how the pros put up with some of our amateurish nonsense on some evenings, but we have a great time…

I’m constantly pondering how exactly to use all of this at work.  How to really embrace social media to engage our 25,000 members beyond Facebook.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Ed Walker does at UCLAN SU as he embeds it more there.  I’m also contemplating how we go about using the web to “walk alongside” our members, where in the past we may well have demanded they come inside…  Looking forwad to where that will take us, I think it may be an interesting model going forward.  I feel it will give us a greater chance of building a positive reputation: one of a students’ union who cares enough about what it’s members choose to do, that we join in with them rather than necessarily the other way round.


So what does 2009 have in store:

  • It’s looking likely that I’ll host a Birmingham meeting of Twitterers in the not for profit sector. 
  • More bin blogging [including 1st bins on vacation post planned for Feb 2009]
  • More workmen [at least two sites up my sleeve, just need the camera at the right time
  • More ramblings
  • More Tweets
  • …oh, and more time with my family – not sure how they are compatible, but need to find out real soon.

Like now!


Happy New Year