So, I’ve had my iphone nearly a month and felt some more feedback would be interesting. 

I think it fair to say I am now well and truly attached to it.  Not really as a phone, although I have made and received calls on it and a few sms messages.

More useful is for the access it gives to the internet.  Some fab applications that make it really easy to stay in touch – FB, yammer (which I’d never seen before) and Twitter all have apps.  Twitter is the one I use most.  Hmm, use most, perhaps that should read use constantly.

But what of my comments from Day 1, have I shifted at all? 

On the +ve

  • It’s feels like such a treat to have one – STILL TRUE
  • It’s beautiful: packaging and machine – YEP
  • It’s easy to use, it just makes sense – YEP
  • It was sooooo easy to set up the wifi connection at home – AND ELSEWHERE, IT JUST FINDS IT
  • I’ve added a couple of apps very easily (facebook and twitterfon) – NOW MORE THAN A COUPLE

On the -ve

  • I couldn’t find the instructions in the beautiful packaging.  Of course they were there, but hidden away. – FIND HELP ONLINE NOW
  • On the keyboad, there is no ctrl function.  Maybe it’s different in apple land, but I want Ctrl c, x and v! – STILL A REAL PROBLEM
  • The phone didn’t appear to work (which is ironic at the least) – I updating the firmware and now it’s ok.
  • My email wouldn’t send and ditto
  • The screen gets really quite mucky and I don’t want to carry a cleaning cloth with me. – I BOUGHT AN ANTI-GLARE FILM TO STICK ON IT – SORTED
  • It took me a while to get itunes working with it – not sure how to use the cloud thingy – ITUNES/IPOD GOOD. NOT A CLUE WHAT THE CLOUD THINGY IS!

So, for me, cut and paste is still the biggest problem.  I keep finding great web-links, which I can’t forward.  If I see a phone number on a website, I have to re-type it into the phone.   I often find I want to move a sentence around in an email or other piece of text and I can’t highlight it or drag and drop.  All of this makes it really limited as a piece of kit to type on.

Also, now I’m back at work after the Xmas break, I’m finding a few shortcomings on the calendar too.  I’d really like to forward appointments, check availability and set up meetings with other people.  None of this seems possible, so again as a mobile “office” it’s not what it could be.

I haven’t got any office applications on it, which I have on my other phone.  I rather thought it would come loaded with Word and XL .  I haven’t missed them yet, but am sure I’ll want to use them at some point.

In terms of apps and buttons, I’ve loaded quite a few:

  • Google Earth – which is amazing, I can see my garden table cloth on this tiny screen
  • WordPress – which is simply a shortcut to the website of my blog stats
  • Facebook – dedicated app
  • TwitterFon – Twitter app
  • Yammer – ‘cos I joined the B’ham City Uni network
  • LinkedIn – which I rarely use
  • Shakespeare – all his plays on my iphone – which is quite cool
  • Dictionaire – dictionary
  • InnTouch – american restaurant guide (maps and reviews)
  • Brain Toot Lite – a free game
  • BixLite – another free game
  • Frenzic – addictive game
  • i-Clicker Lite – makes your iphone a remote control for PowerPoint, not used it yet.

Having access to this has really opened my eyes to the enormous volume of apps out there.  Engaging with new contacts on Twitter has really opened my eyes to the changes coming on the internet.  The extent to which that is where it’s all going to be at.   Everything stored online, with much freer access to information and all you need is a small box of tricks (iphone) to access and share it.  For me, this will completely change the way we will engage with our members and indeed friends.