Well now, I am still waiting to hear back from BCC regarding my complaint about the Christmas bins and recycling collection dates debacle (3 months ago).  You can therefore imagine my delight when they distributed their handy leaflet telling us what we can recycle and when to put it out.  For the second year running they’ve given us a handy calendar.


So, my fine neighbour @tickvg took a careful look and said,

“Hey mate, check out your blog posts, wasn’t it boxes last week?”

“Why yes, I replied, see here…” 

as I showed her my last bin blog post. (March 25)

But look closely (in fact, take a look at enlarged image below) and everyone can see, the leaflet tells us that March 26 was a green bags day.


So what’s the problem?  I think it’s as basic as the bin vans don’t do the same thing as the office staff think.  A bit like the Radio Times says it’s Top Gear but the continuity team show Masterchef instead.  What do we watch? Masterchef.

So again, I’m stuck what do I put out tomorrow? Green bags, ‘cos that is almost certainly what the “bin-men” will collect or my boxes, ‘cos that is what the leaflet says.

I wish I could tell you I was going to trust the careful information lovingly posted through my door today.  I cannot.  I will not trust them ever again.

After all, they’re only as good as their last collection…