Andy Mabbett has commented that my bins are getting boring.  Well anyone can tell you if you pop your head a little over the parapet someone will try and knock it off…  But, I’m a great believer in responding to customers’ demands.  I’m less convinced about responding to the demands of one customer.  So, I thought I’d put a bid out to all my lovely bin viewers.  Tell me what you think?

Should I change my bins or bin blogs?  Should I leave them just the way they are?  If I need to change them, then how?

This whole blog stream began for me as a way of checking what time I actually get round to doing the bins.  I do invite people to view them.  I wonder sometimes how that feels.  Lots of people comment on it.

Because I’ve put it out there, do I have a responsibility for how entertaining it is.  But we have no contract, I made no promises.  I’ve used it to complain, successfully, to the council about the BCC bin collection service.  I even post blogs when I’m on holiday.  Indeed, my previous bin post was from Spain – which is quite exciting.

But, no, pause, rewind…  Back to the customer feedback issue:

If my readers want change, then I’ll take a look.  Let me know.  Tweet (@parboo), FB me or leave a comment below.  If I get plenty of responses I’ll do another poll – that was dead exciting last time.

I can’t wait to hear from you.