I do love an election and our own country’s General Election ranks as one of the more exciting.  Whatever we think about politicians – and they give us plenty to think about – it is certainly the case that we can all influence who it is that gets to work in Westminster on our behalf.    But of course, that is only true if we actually bother to vote.  In 1997 the MP in my new seat won by 2 (yes two) votes.  It makes you think!

[As an aside, this website http://www.voterpower.org.uk/ also makes you think – but even with a low voter power, it’s worth the gentle stroll to the polling station, cos if no-one else does…]

But, back to main point: this election is different from any other I’ve lived through, for many reasons:

  1. The two main parties are pretty close in the polls.
  2. For the first time the internet will have a major part to play
  3. A fair few boundary changes shift the picture
  4. I’ve moved out of Brum after 30 odd years, and have no real feel for the politics down here.

So, I thought I’d knock up a quick and easy blog to pull together some resources I’ve found useful in pondering where to pop my cross.  My hope is that everyone I know will decide to vote. So first things first:

Are you registered?

I felt sure I was, it seems the only way to check is by phone or in person to your local council (of which I appear to have about 3!).  This website from the Electoral Reform Commission is a great place to start though: http://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/ pop in your post code and you are away.  You have until April 20th to do this for this General Election.  Mind you, if you should miss it by any chance – it is still worth doing it, you never know when another may come along!

Which is your constituency and who is standing?

The Guardian appears to have the new constituencies on their site: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/general-election-2010

Your Next MP will also get you there quickly, but with less follow up information:

A wiki is being built about the candidates:  They Want to work for you , so you can take a look and add to it if you have more information.
And if any of the candidates have been MPs you can have a good look at their voting record, expenses claims and more at the fabulous They Work for You site

Whose Policies do you support?

There are a plethora of websites this time helping you work out which parties have policies which match your own personal views, here are the ones I’ve stumbled over:


Party Matcher

Vote for Policies

Who should you vote for?

Of course, there is also a strong web presence from each political party, but I reckon you can work out how to find them!

So, this is a pretty simple post which pulls together a few nifty bits of the web.  I hope you enjoy them.  But mostly I hope you vote.

PS the big day is Thursday May 6th – put it in your diary… NOW!