I shouldn’t really use parboo. Naughty. It’s my “family” name. Since I declined to change my name when we married, we concatenated and are now affectionately known amongst our friends as the Parboos.

Oh, who are we? Me, hubby and daughter. Have in the past also had a cat and a hamster. I think that may be pets dealt with for us!

When I’m not learning how to use the social web or enjoying my delightful daughter, I manage SUSU, the  Students’ Union at the University of Southampton. I’ve worked in Students’ Unions for ever, well apart from 3-4 years at mac, my then local and fabulous arts centre.  Students’ Unions  are such exhilarating organisations. Working with a group of full time and mostly “fresh from uni” trustees creates a change environment like few you’ll find elsewhere.

I should say somewhere, and here is as good a place as anywhere, that all my blogging is all my own thinking (unless credited). It does not necessarily represent the view of my employing organisation. Though  learned a lot from creating my own blog which helps work out how we can improve our SUSU presence in the ether. In my personal blog posts, I do try not to cross over into areas where my work hits. In my working world the public voice of the Union is the domain of the students. Staff are very much back-room supporting cast. The new uses of the internet as fantastic communication networks is challenging that, and I’m constantly pondering how to make that work brilliantly for us all…

I have always enjoyed doing lots of volunteering as a trustee. Mostly I’ve recently stopped, due to relocating from Brum to the south coast. However, most recently for Gigbeth, Audiences Central and AMSU.

Since I got my head round some of the Social Media World, I’ve created a few blog sites. My personal favourite is all about brilliant brummie women: http://brimmin.wordpress.com/ . My initial idea was to create a mash-up (I’ve no idea how to do that) of various women’s websites from our great city. I made a great start pulling together two lists, the first of ‘billiant’ Birmingham women, the second of good to know Brummie women who I have the pleasure of knowing and respecting. The 2nd list is on the blog roll. The first caused quite a distraction from my original plan. I found myself drawn to the philanthropic women from way back when. So drawn to them, I’ve even been to the library to research more [ironically, whilst there, I met one of the living women on the list – good to see you Cath.] So, take a look, leave some comments and let me know what you think.

Otherwise, in my life, I like to spend lots of time with friends, often drinking – mainly coffee, occasionally wine or Pimms. Love fine dining, love cooking and I think I must have a craft skill -but haven’t found it yet! I have however met some sensational Southampton women at a local monthly knitting session.

Since we moved to Hampshire I’ve become even more obsessed with the sea and spend many hours deliberating whether I REALLY need a beach hut, camper van or 4 berth motor boat.

I spend most of my time enthralled by our daughter, who is a constant delight.