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Well here’s a bins treat for you all, we’re having a bulky rubbish collection in the morning for the old stuff we’ve wrenched the whole of life out of.   Please note I cannot take any responsibility for those of you who may mistakenly think it’s Wednesday and put you bins out in error.  I hope you enjoy this additional blog post…



So, not so dull this week (see pigsonthewing’s comments from last week).  Image 1 – our usual stash, but ythe next one shows a far more impressive truth.

I have put out an enormous pile of paper recycling, along with a good pile of cardboard.  Within the paper are the shreddings of some extraordinarily old items of correspondence and my study is a considerably larger room.


059Oxfam put out a plea for book donations, so I rose to that challenge and emptie a bookcase into plastic bags.  I wish I;d counted them now, but am delighted that others will now have the chance to enjoy all those great stories (and some not so great).

Now what shall I do with that old bookcase?


I have returned from my hols to a lengthy (4 sheets) written reply to my complaint last month about my parking ticket. It seems “The date of the ticket on display was obscured by the windscreen tint.”

Most of the letter then goes on to describe how I can pay the fine – erring on the side of them being in the right I see!  They have included two very attractive photos of my windscreen, not dis-similar to the two I sent them.

Anyway, I think their explanation may be fair enough, although I will double check on my photos.  Now to work out how do I send them the ticket and use it to claim back the expenses from work.  God I wish my life were simpler!

I’ve been away for a few daysapril-2009-153.  I’m delighted to show you what was waiting for us when I got home.

It seems the wrong leaflet was the problem with our bins communication last week.  All sorted, a letter of apology to householders and a new, correct leaflet and in time for the next collection.  Thank you Birmingham City Council.




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