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@gabysslave's photo of the office refurb

@gabysslave's photo of the office refurb

A complete cheat on my part, as I wasn’t there, but I do believe this is what @graphiquillan‘s been waiting for 🙂

As I understand, these hardworking workmen are refurbing the Aqulia offices.

Dear BCC,

I can’t believe that every time I park at the car park next to the Rep something goes wrong. So, today I was so very careful. I gathered every coin in the house, so I’d have the right change. I tripled checked the price, so I didn’t pay the weekend rate. I bought 4 hours parking, when 3 would have sufficed. All set, I went off content to my meeting.

You cannot begin to imagine my feeling when I approached my car and realised it was adorned with one of your PCNs.

I had paid and displayed and returned while the ticket was still valid. Your operative stuck the PCN next to my ticket in an attempt, conversely, to convince me that I had not clearly displayed a valid pay and display ticket.

So, the PCN number is BM15211041. The ticket is No. 16614592 (as reference on the PCN).

The PCN is dated 04/03/09 timed 12:38. The ticket is dated 04 MAR 09, timed 14:28.

I cannot identify a single problem with this. I suggest you offer me an apology and send Civil Enforcement Officer BM452 for an eye test.

Yours faithfully,

etc etc

WHAT DO YOU think?  Please leave me a comment…

In Sierra Nevada they employ the servcies of fine young men to clear snow from the tops of buildings. Wow, what a job.


I ran this post off my iphone and couldn’t actually see the first photo well at all.  This captures the excitement of it much better.

022Shockingly my first visit to the building site that is mac, was on a snowy February day.  Sadly no evidence of anyone actually working on it – mind you it was a bit nippy.

My old office in the Hexagon - above the theatre...  Nice new windows.

My old office in the Hexagon - above the theatre... Nice new windows.

Workmen cleaning Brindley Place

Workmen cleaning Brindley Place


Snapped whilst at a very fine AMSU Midlands Regional meeting at the Ikon.  Thanks to Emily for going out with the camera whilst on a ‘fresh air’ break.

At the Creative City Awards
At the Creative City Awards

This is a photo of a video clip which was run at the Creative City Awards (Nov 08).  All I can say is I clicked too soon. The next frame superimposed the exciting and creative logo for the event, which friends of mine love so much.  So sorry I missed that for you [Shona], workmen and inspiring graphic design in one shot would have summed up my November…

It appears they didn't plan far enough ahead...These workmen spent the day installing some very nifty bollards.  It appears they didn’t plan far enough ahead.  Not sure how they got the van out in the end…

Workmen demolishing Matthew Boulton College, brick by brick

Workmen demolishing Matthew Boulton College, brick by brick

Brummie workmen building the bullring

Brummie workmen building the bullring

Our fabulous tryptych by Gail Troth… (Graduate of Birmingham City University – formerly UCE)


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